Planning for Success


Procedures – SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) should be reviewed at minimum on an annual basis, we can assist in this process of either building new procedures, assisting in the process or reviewing current standards for missing information or updating old process that are outdated. This is the corner stone of a company being able to show it is in the know and has documentation for employees to be able to reference to assure you are delivering a quality consistent product.


Organization – Some things to consider in your development of your OBS Organizational Breakdown Structure), EBS (Enterprise Breakdown Structure), WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and CBS (Cost Breakdown Structure). Who are your intended targets? Are you looking to provide data to your financial partners, clients, employees? These are all completely different stakeholders and require different, yet equally important, data sets. We can help you build them all together, so you are not jumbling data around and missing deadlines due to disorganization.

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned – These items should be documented and reviewed at the beginning and through out the project, to include after final close out. Using previous lessons learned you get a jumped start on avoiding already known potential issues, impacts and strategies. As the project goes along it helps asses issues that develop during a phase that may impact future phases. These will be important keys for success.


Analyze – Being sure you set up to properly monitor and manage critical path using latest industry standards for CPM (Critical Path Management) is not only important, but should be a company’s standard. Using EVM (Earned Value Management) properly to document, monitor and control your metrics. The best time to address issues is as the appear, waiting until the very end will eliminate the possibility to mitigate the time and cost which is 2 of the three major parts in delivering quality. Although often forensic analysis is performed at the end of projects often times it is a good option to continually perform some form of these type of analysis throughout the life cycle. This helps to mitigate the hidden issue, we are able to support and drive this effort to help turn projects around. We will provide quality analysis of all aspects of the process. To include but not limited to proper training, correct staff (proper experience for the tasks), correct documentation, document and software management etc.

Risk Management

Risk – Making sure to use proper risk assessment and risk management procedures and to tools to help improve project success. Managing and documenting risk (using a risk register) is very important to managing risks and knowing which ones you have planned for and what the mitigation plans is. Based on probability of risk you will determine how the risk is going to be monitored and managed.


Incorporate – People often think of the end of the project as litigation and forensic time. Although we have experience and knowledge to support this process and would take on the task with a top-quality effort, there is much more to forensics than just the end of a project. We like to also think about the other things that are positive and beneficial to all companies starting with historical data. When all the information is gathered together you can then put all the parts together to increase the probability of finishing a project on time and under budget.


Succeed –   We will succeed together, through communication and cooperative processes. The process of properly closing out projects lead to understanding of strengths and weaknesses to consider in future or even other current projects. The data can be used in many ways to determine which factors created the most impact such as (but not limited to) local craft, weather in specific areas, local customs, access for delivery/transportation, sub contractors and materials. The information that comes from the completion of a project will help support the pursuit of future projects as well as determine where you can improve weakness and to show where you were most successful. Sometimes business strategy needs to be adjusted and this data should be used to support those changes.